Lark Veterinary Impact Fund

Lark Capital Group is excited to invite you to invest along side us in our $10 million Lark Veterinary Impact Fund. The fund is designed to provide our valued investors oversized returns and the ability to create lasting impact in the veterinary field.

About the Lark Veterinary Impact Fund

Our Strategy

Lark Capital takes a unique approach to real estate investing, with preservation of capital, followed by return on capital, as our highest priorities.

We pride ourselves on delivering superior, risk-adjusted returns for investors through strategic partnerships, market and asset selection, operational efficiency, and proven value add strategies resulting in high yield and forced appreciation.

To uncover the best opportunities, we leverage extensive financial analysis, tenant demographics, market/submarket historical and projected performances, competitive analysis, broker relationships, and network expertise.

We look for situations where we can maximize asset appreciation, such as:
• Multifamily properties leasing below-market rents
• Outdated multifamily properties that can benefit from mid to moderate renovations, and modernizing assets to justify higher rents
• Poorly managed assets where operational cost significantly reduces overall potential profitability
• Distressed assets being sold at a discount due to market conditions
• Strong cash-flowing small busin
esses with low overhead

We target high-growth markets with strong fundamentals, backed by data and AI technologies, to mitigate risk and optimize investor capital through all stages of the economic cycle.

Benefits of Investing in Our Fund

Investors Come First:  Lark Capital prioritizes our investors, first and foremost. While there are many options available for investors today, Lark Capital recognizes this and we work tirelessly to ensure our investor partners are at the forefront of every decision we make. We truly appreciate the trust placed in us and our goal is to have a 100% reinvestment rate.

Aligned Interest with Your Sponsor:  Jason Balara, Lark Capital's CEO and Co-Founder, personally invests a substantial amount of his own capital, as well as his family's funds, in every asset Lark Capital acquires. We will never present a deal to our investors that we do not completely believe in. This ensures every acquisition, the management of the assets, and the timing of dispositions are equally beneficial for all parties, as everyone is invested together.

Minimize Risks Through Diversification: A fund allows an investor to diversify equity across assets and markets. A key advantage to this is returns are dependent upon the combined performance of the assets within the fund as a whole, as opposed to "putting all your eggs in one basket" or in just one asset or market at a time.

Capital Preservation / Inflation Hedge:  Multifamily investments, when properly managed, are an excellent hedge against inflation. Inflation causes the purchasing power of every dollar to decrease, as prices and interest rates continue to rise across the economy. By securing your funds into multifamily investments, the value of your money is retained, and produces income throughout the holding period. Since the property generally appreciates in value over time, your original investment can be sold at a higher price than it was purchased at, furthering the growth of your original capital. These factors, coupled with the strong cash flow performances of small businesses, create an extremely strong return profile.

Tax Benefits:  Real estate investments provide a key benefit to investors, unlike other investments. Each year investors can capture losses from both operational expenses, as well as the depreciation of the assets, to offset gains from their passive income streams. This means investors can realize direct tax reductions and deferrals, which positions multifamily investors to continue to grow their wealth in a far more stable and consistent fashion.

Conservative Underwriting:  Any real estate deal can be made to look good and project appealing returns. However, this can cause investors to be disappointed if the projections are not met, lose money, and mistakenly invest in poor and/or failing investments. At Lark Capital, we are extremely conservative in our underwriting. Our projections are strictly data-driven, based on in-place performance, current market rates, and pragmatic projections. In order to continue to meet and exceed our projected returns to our investors, we do not inflate or overreach our underwriting or projections.

Impact: At Lark Capital, including an impact component to the fund was what really excited us. With the current high suicide rates associated with the veterinary community, we knew that this was where we wanted to exert our energy to create lasting change. A portion of the fund proceeds will be donated to Not One More Vet, an organization working to provide mental health education, resources, and support to veterinary professionals.

Fund Investment Criteria

Target Holdings: B Class Multifamily of <100 Units, Established Cash Flowing Small Businesses with in-place operators.

Equity Allocated Within Fund: 80%+ Multifamily Real Estate (Up to 25% as Fund to Fund), Up to 20% Small Businesses.

Strategy: Maximizing Opportunities and Strategically Improving Cashflow

Investing Opportunity: Retirement Account Investments Welcome; Accredited Investors

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Distribution Frequency: Monthly

Not one more Vet (NOMV)

Not One More Vet (NOMV) will transform the status of mental wellness within the profession so veterinary professionals can survive & thrive.

The Lark Veterinary Fund is a unique investment opportunity, prioritizing diversification, outsized returns and impact. The high suicide rate among veterinary professionals is an issue that many are not aware of.

With the Lark Veterinary Impact Fund, we hope to bring this issue to the forefront and create lasting impact within the veterinary community. A portion of fund proceeds will be donated to Not One More Vet, a non-profit organization providing mental health and financial resources for veterinary professionals, allowing investors to align financial goals with personal values.

The Lark Veterinary Impact Fund

A unique investment opportunity, prioritizing diversification, outsized returns and impact


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